June 16, 2009

“Hi, my name is Gary.  I just installed a Xenon Hood Scoop part number 12138 on my 2007 Mustang.  Thought you should know that the car looks great!  Easy to install.  My car is Tourch Red (orange?), and I painted the scoop Black Satin.  Thanks for making a good quality product with good instructions.  Really makes the car look good.

Gary – WA”

June 14, 2009

“My Xenon ‘flat’ flares look great, and are fully functional too. I take my Jeep off-road, and these flares have taken a lot of trail abuse with no significant damage. They’ve been scraped against rocks and hit trees, but still flex back into their original shape. Great product, I recommend them.”


Team Xenon/GTS “Shows Its Stuff” In Atlanta

Team Xenon/GTS for the PT Cruiser

Team Xenon was in Atlanta on the 17th and 18th of last month for a great tradeshow! We enjoyed visiting with sales and marketing people, all of us sharing our thoughts and ideas. The input from the customer base was great! Everyone is very excited about the laundh of our new Jeep JK fender flares! (Click images for 900px views.)

Talk about HOT!
Team Xenon/GTS for the PT Cruiser

Hot was also a good description of the PT Cruiser in our booth. This gorgeous PT was designed, built and is owned by Mark III Customs. You should have seen the paint!

Team Xenon/GTS for the PT Cruiser

No pictures can do it justice. A big thanks to Shane Dorrity and staff. Also, Mike Sullivan — you guys are AWESOME!

Team Xenon/GTS for the PT Cruiser
Again, we must acknowledge the help of our inductry friends:
Eibach Suspension, Borla Exhaust and Good Hoods.
Thanks guys — You’re all great!
Team Xenon/GTS for the PT Cruiser
Mark III Customs — Check ‘em out!

Taking Xenon & GTS Back East

Team Xenon would like to share some pictures from a recent East Coast trade show.

Our booth looked great! We were able to showcase many of our new products with the large images you see as well as new applications guides and a 12 page catalog update.

Not to mention a great looking Dodge Charger on loan to us from Rothrock Motor Sales Allentown PA. Decked out with our great looking Xenon body kit and GT Styling accessories.

And a lot of help from our industry friends at Eibach Suspension, Rider, T-Rex Grills and Toyo Tires. A special thanks to Brian Rider for pulling this together and making it a happening event. Check it out!

Team Xenon/GTS Dodge Charger

We really enjoyed visiting with the many customers who stopped at our booth.

Team Xenon/GTS Dodge Charger

Congratulations to the winners of our drawings we hope you enjoy your Xenon and GT Styling products.

Team Xenon/GTS Dodge Charger
[Click on images for 900 px wide views.]

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